1. Data Collection

    1. Pilot Network

      Skylark's pilot network helps the company tap into third-party drone operators to fulfill drone flights and surveys at worksites. These service providers range from small < 5 person drone pilot teams, to large agencies and surveyors with personnel and equipment. This allows the company to conduct surveys across the country in a scalable and asset-light manner.

    2. Drone Mission Ops

      A full-stack drone flight solution that enables drone service providers, pilots, and enterprises to execute fast, accurate, and seamless drone missions.

      It simplifies mission planning, manages NPNT related regulatory compliances for flights, and creates automated flight paths for drones.

      Conducts automated verification of all images and flights from a mission. Identifies areas that require re-survey immediately, avoiding costly re-missions and ensures high-quality data for processing.

  2. Data Analysis — Spectra

    This is Skylark's flagship product, a highly modular platform, built on top of a data processing engine that’s designed to take in vast amounts of unstructured data from a drone - in the form of images, videos, or other formats (3D, hyperspectral, etc.), and help users rapidly visualize and make sense of it.

    The company has built a variety of image processing and analytics modules that are able to use this data to churn out valuable reports and insights for worksites across multiple sectors, for instance:

    • Mines operated by Tata Steel and UltraTech cement are able to survey and analyze an entire site in a day, as opposed to 7-10 days via traditional methods. They are also able to monitor boundaries better to combat theft, and well as conduct safer blast planning and inspection.
    • Solar sites such as SoftBank/Adani, Sterling & Wilson, and RenewPower use Skylark to monitor construction progress, and asset health/audit.
    • Infra & utility owners such as Reliance, HMEL, and L&T are able to inspect their assets cheaply and efficiently, and therefore more frequently, while saving labor costs and eliminating safety risks of manual inspections.
    • Agri clients such as Mayhco can get detailed metrics and health analytics for their farms.
  3. Regulatory Compliance — DronePass

    A hardware + SDK module for enabling drone compliance with DGCA regulations.

    Drone pilots in Skylark’s network are able to retrofit these into state-of-the-art drones manufactured by the likes of DJI, which are not compliant by default with Indian regulations.

    This enables easy access to the Indian market for global OEMs, and for local OEMs a faster time-to-market.