May 3, 2023

AdvantEdge Mobility Podcast: EV Financing in 2023


Kunal Khattar

🎧 AdvantEdge Mobility Podcast - EV Financing in 2023 🚘⚡

Host: Kunal Khattar (General Partner,

Guest: Nikhil Aggarwal (CEO,

Topics covered:

  • Trends in EV financing in India
  • Growth of EV penetration in 2W & commercial 3W
  • Outlook for EV financing and investment in India over the next five to ten years, and the factors driving it's growth
  • Headwinds or tailwinds affecting EV finance
  • Rise of Battery Swap, Charging Infra, Financing, and Insurance. Fixed vs Swapping vs Rapid Charging vs Removable Batteries
  • How the EV financing ecosystem is evolving - with legacy banks, and new age tech first data driven companies
  • Alternative lending and the problems that Grip solves
  • The future of EV logistics fleet operators & driver-cum-operators
  • Asset light vs Asset Heavy models
  • Types of financing options available to startups for EV assets - equity, venture debt, traditional debt financing, leasing, etc.
  • Advice for founders of EV startups who are seeking funding or financing in India
  • Traditional automakers in India responding to the growth of EV startups, and their role in financing or partnering with startups