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AdvantEdge backs exceptional founders and innovative companies across consumer sectors with a focus on mobility.

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  • In the heartbeat of India's bustling streets, a transformation is unfolding. In just the past five years, annual EV sales have grown 15-fold, propelling our nation towards an electrified horizon.
  • But this momentum is just the beginning, it isn't merely a transition in transportation; it's an epochal shift.
  • As we surge forward, an entire new ecosystem emerges, promising boundless possibilities. Entrepreneurs, visionaries, pioneers – all are beckoned to be the architects of our pristine, green future. Together, we're not just transforming vehicles; we're sculpting a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.
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Everyone at AdvantEdge is a former founder. We have built companies, scaled them, sold them, and failed. We understand an entrepreneur's journey as we have lived through it, and we hope to support our founders with the learnings we've had.

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As an early-stage venture capital fund, we typically invest up to $1M in the first institutional funding round of a company, helping our startups scale and raise follow-on rounds.

We look for strong, balanced founding teams working on a compelling value proposition, who are able to demonstrate product-market fit, customer traction and revenue visibility.

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The AdvantEdge
Mobility Meet-up

An invitation-only gathering of India's top Mobility Founders  and upcoming disruptive companies redefining how India Moves. The evening is attended by leading Investors  passionate about moving people and goods with a common goal of Transforming India.

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